Last week a client requested that I compile a list of go-to thoughts for divorcing a terrorist. These are the phrases I want you to have front-of-mind that will help keep you calm and confident despite the bombs being hurled your way.

Thoughts for your ex’s stupid commentary


Of course s/he said that

This doesn’t need to be a problem for me


Thoughts for your ex’s ridiculous requests

My decisions will be about my child, not my ex

It is not a problem if s/he is angry with my decision

I understand this may be disappointing

It is not my job to keep him/her happy


Thoughts for managing brutal letters from your ex’s lawyer

They have to lie when they have a shit case

This poor lawyer is dealing with the worst client


Thoughts for when your kids act like your ex

This rudeness makes sense

I don’t need to give this any oxygen


Thoughts for when your child is struggling

This is his/her unique journey

Pain is a normal part of the life experience

I am the perfect mom/dad for this


There you have it. My top brain hacks for staying sane while divorcing a terrorist.

Post this on your washroom mirror. You got this!