December 19, 2018 Stacey Mendelson 0 Comments

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, those of us who are co-parents may find ourselves in a situation where there is altered access and a need to communicate more than normal with our ex.

Here are a few tips for keeping you safe:

  1. disengage whenever possible – don’t get sucked into an argument or conversation
  2. communicate only about children in written form using OFW or separate email exclusively for coparenting with ex
  3. keep emails brief, informative, neutral and firm
  4. let all phone calls go to voicemail and be prepared to get some great messages to use as evidence
  5. write assuming a judge may read your correspondence
  6. if your kids are old enough and have a mobile phone communicate with them when possible about drop offs and pick ups

Have a happy and safe holiday season and try to enjoy every moment with your kids.