Did you know I was a veterinarian?

Yup. Small animal practice (dogs and cats) for 24 years. I loved it.

Why would a vet become a divorce coach?

Let’s just say I had a “higher” calling.

I had a need to share all of my mistakes…and course corrections with the planet.

I needed to make sure other people did not step in the same landmines that I did.

And on my 4-year battle, I became pretty adept at the game of family court. Navigating family court was also a skill that I needed to share.

Winning the game

Family court is a game.

Like any other game, the first task is to define what it means to win. What exactly are you hoping to achieve? Let’s put a line in the sand so we know exactly what we are going for.

Optimizing the odds of winning is all about skill.

Just like playing in the Superbowl.

An NFL player doesn’t step on the field unless he has the equipment, and the skills to get it done. He doesn’t go without a helmet and has expertise in throwing a football.

Why would anyone want to go into family court without the equipment and the skills?


I didn’t spay my first cat without surgical equipment and skills. I was trained. I was coached. I studied.

I had textbooks, videos, a surgery instructor, an anesthesiology prof and surgical assistants.

Divorcing is no different.

If you want to peacefully disentangle yourself, become financially self-sufficient, and keep your children unscathed, you need the right equipment and skills.

The right equipment means a team including great legal representation and a coach to keep you on the critical path to your desired outcome.

And you need very specialized skills they don’t teach you in university. How to pick a lawyer and arm your team to win.


Vet..divorce coach….same diff

Fun fact: I use exactly the same meta-skills that I used as a veterinarian to coach people through high-conflict divorce.

Both journeys – pet ownership and high-conflict divorce – are financially and emotionally arduous.

Both journeys have a critical path to follow for the best outcome.

  • crazy puppy—>house-trained dog—->healthy adult—->peaceful seniorhood—> humane passing.
  • separation trenches—>perfect legal representation—>family court victories—->children remain out front and unscathed—-> parenting plan—->assets fairly separated—->peacefully disentangled

Stepping off this path puts you in landmine territory.

Like being on the football field without a helmet.

The difference between winning and losing the game.

The veterinarian and the divorce coach both keep you on the critical path to your desired outcome.