October 4, 2022 Stacey Mendelson 0 Comments

I like to think that there is an asshole in every human.

The potential to misbehave.


I am sure you have participated in conduct unbecoming.

Spurred on by particular events or certain people. 


Just like a cancer gene,

The “asshole gene” can be activated or sit quietly.

How you show up in your divorce journey will either activate or quiet the asshole gene in your ex.

How you showed up in your marriage did the same thing.


Am I suggesting subservience and acquiescence?

Hell no.

That doesn’t take you where you want to land.

It didn’t in your marriage…and it won’t now. 

There is a better way that involves not fueling the drama,

While not complying with the insane. 


Why am I telling you this?


Because I know exactly what you want:

  • You want to be successfully divorced.
  • You want a fair financial settlement
  • You want your kids to be spared in the process

Better yet, you want your kids to be stronger because of the divorce.


The path to being successfully divorced has many forks.

Several wrong turns laced with landmines.

Taking the wrong fork will ignite the asshole gene.

Stepping on a landmine destroys your progress.


It is critical to stay on the right path.

Because your brain and your well-meaning girlfriends will encourage you to do otherwise. 

Navigating the quickest and most efficient path requires a guide.

The most important GPS you will ever invest in. 

That is my jam.

I am the guide.