April 10, 2023 Stacey Mendelson 0 Comments

When you first separated, you thought things could be amicable.
A peaceful uncoupling…a la Gwyneth Paltrow.
You were prepared to overlook the infidelity, the verbal abuse, and the excessive drinking.

No such luck. It seems your ex is not on the peaceful exit train.
The ex is on a war path to punish you for having the audacity to stop tolerating the BS.
(that no other woman on the planet would tolerate)

Welcome to the high-conflict divorce battlefield.
Where you are at war with a terrorist.
Where your children and your financial security are at risk.

So what to do? Time to soldier up my friend!
Don’t get on the battlefield unless you have the proper equipment.
Never go to war without the skill and knowledge to avoid landmines.

Divorcing a terrorist takes special training that you don’t learn in college.

  • hiring effective legal representation
  • knowing when to listen to and when to dismiss the lawyer
  • arming your lawyer to win
  • disengaging from the drama of your ex
  • keeping your communication angelic while collecting the ex’s vitriol for evidence
  • predicting every bomb before it gets hurled
  • extinguishing your pain points: poverty and custody
  • figuring out your ex’s pain points: public reputation, addictions, criminal charges, money
  • directing your legal team with this insider info

Go into battle prepared, with a skilled army and elite training
Consider me your secret weapon. Your “elite operations director”.
I will give you the tools to shorten the journey, reduce your legal fees, and outsmart your ex.