Let's go on a complaining diet

I have a crazy idea for all of us this week.

Let’s go on a complaining diet. Just until the weekend.

That means no complaints. No verbal complaints (pretty easy) and no complaining in your thoughts (much harder).

Your brain is just being human

A huge majority of our thoughts, for most of us, are complaints. This is part of the normal human brain, designed to view the world with a negative bias. In theory, this is to keep you safe, but in practice, it will prevent you from living your biggest life.

Talk back to your brain

When you notice your brain presenting you with a sentence that is a complaint or a criticism, just remind it that you are not going there today. You are on your complaining diet.

No need to feel frustrated or ashamed that your thinking is a litany of complaints. Just tell your brain to change focus. Ask your brain to notice what is great in any situation.

Practice makes perfect

The more you exercise this muscle – known as your prefrontal cortex – the better you will get at accessing your higher brain. You will become better at rolling with what is, and find the blessings that life presents us. And of course, you will be nicer to be around and have way more fun.