Lifeline Sorority

Lifeline Sorority

$550.00 / month

What we do:

  • Learn to hire the perfect lawyer or change lawyers
  • Arm your lawyer to win
  • Become skilled at documentation and evidence collection
  • Learn to stop being triggered by your ex
  • Move from terrified, frustrated, and angry to calm-confident
  • Communicate safely and strategically with your ex
  • Reduce co-parenting conflict
  • Manage the custody and parenting professionals
  • Parent your children effectively through the storm
  • Learn to calm the f*ck down so you can show up as an amazing mom and a fierce litigant

How we do it:

  1. Daily Lifeline group coaching sessions
  2. Modules to learn the skills
  3. Reach out to me round-the-clock on the Slack channel to help put out your fires


  • What happens inside Lifeline Sorority stays inside Lifeline Sorority!
  • I want everyone to feel safe to show up (even when you are a hot mess), and get cleaned up so you can go out and slay your divorce
  • If you share anything that happens inside Lifeline Sorority with anyone outside, you will be removed from the Sorority