December 29, 2020 Stacey Mendelson 0 Comments

Today I want to challenge you to figure out your Word of the Year for 2021. Pick one word that you can aspire to or lean on for the upcoming year. It is a word that will provide some guidance on difficult days, or push you past the overwhelm, anger, and fear that is a daily part of the divorce battle.


My posse of life coaches have come up with several and I will share them here. If any resonate…please claim as your own.


trust – trusting yourself above everything, your inner voice, that the universe is conspiring for you

commitment/perseverance – doing what you say you would do, even when it is hard

release – letting go of everything holding you back, releasing expectations of others, releasing judgement of yourself, releasing the need for perfection

untouchable – deciding not to be affected by external circumstance

permission – to feel all feelings, to show up as yourself, to see yourself as worthy, to live your authentic life

abundance – a feeling of plentiful, expansiveness in time, energy, love, money

believe – in yourself, your worthiness, your capability, and in what is possible. This can move mountains.

priorities – understanding what matters most to you and making sure that is where you focus your energy, releasing the things that don’t make the list

freedom – to be you, and to show up fully as you, in all areas of your life

fearless/courage – allowing fear to ride shotgun, finding the beliefs that remind you that you can handle anything

bold – living beyond brave and courageous

ease – finding systems to help you flow

evolve – committing to learning, expanding your mind by substituting AND for OR thinking, becoming your future self

connect – with your purpose and with others

balance –  considering all ideas and possibilities, then sprinkling your life with this variety

creative – allowing your brain to imagine what is possible…then trying some of it out, putting parts of you into the world

determined – deciding in advance that  you will do it/get there/accomplish your goal “no matter what”

equipped – knowing you have everything you need to handle this

shine – coming out of hiding to boldly show up in the world

resilience – the ability to recover quickly from challenges and adapt

permission – to go all in on yourself, to say no, to feel all of your feelings, to ask for help, to earn big, to let people be wrong about you, to believe in yourself 100%


Implement your Word of the Year

Here are some ideas to help you implement your word throughout the year:

  1. Pick one book per month that is related
  2. Put an inspiring quote about the topic on your bathroom mirror or in your office
  3. Identify small habits that help you implement your word and practice a new one each month
  4. Create a new list of thoughts to think. Record them in your voice and listen to them daily.


My Word of the Year for 2021


This January I will start the task of automating, delegating and eliminating in my home and my business, so I can spend more time doing the things I love to do. More seeing clients, exercising, hanging out with my husband and son. Less administrative tasks, accounting, cooking, cleaning.

I would love to know what word you will choose. Maybe I will steal it for 2022.