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  • you are afraid to leave your marriage because your spouse will be vicious
  • you are worried about how this will impact your children
  • you are getting nasty letters from your ex’s lawyer full of false accusations
  • you are living in a state of anxiety, fear, anger and frustration 
  • your lawyer doesn’t seem to understand the danger of your ex
  • nobody can understand the insanity you are living


to learn my

Let Me Introduce Myself


I’m Stacey Mendelson and I was you. I successfully navigated a vicious divorce and custody battle. I won. 

Circumstance required me to wise up and become an expert at navigating family court, custody, vexatious litigation and domestic violence. My son and I survived a “category-5 hurricane divorce” that went on for 4 years. We learned to dodge the bombs being hurled at us. I evolved into a fierce litigant and a proponent of children’s rights in family court.

I am a Certified Life Coach that works exclusively with individuals navigating divorce. I strategically coach people through the battle of their lives.

I will hold your hand through the process and get you there faster, cheaper and smarter. I will help you manage your legals, obtain your goals, and transform into an amazing parent and fierce opponent.

I am an example of what is possible after the storm. I will help you do the same. 


How I Can Help You

Divorce Coaching and Consulting


  • different lawyers have different skillsets
  • I teach you how to interview and compare
  • I help you find the best match for your case


  • help you anticipate dangers and obstacles
  • create a safety plan to exit
  • help you collect important documents quickly
  • help you financially strategize


  • teach you to anticipate the behaviours of a high-conflict ex
  • teach you to disengage
  • teach you how to safely and strategically communicate with your ex
  • teach you to stop being triggered
  • evolve from scared, anxious frustrated to calm, focused, confident and strategic


  • identify and minimize dangers for your child
  • coach you for a custody evaluation (Section 30 in Ontario)
  • set up system to document all access 
  • teach you how to keep your kids healthy through the storm


  • I will teach you how to document all emails, texts, calls
  • prepare spreadsheets that will display: visitation, aberrant parenting events, abusive behaviours,  depletion of funds
  • this method demonstrates patterns of behaviour in the most compelling way for court


  • create a summary of the issues of your case for your lawyer
  • help you set realistic smart goals
  • consult with your legal team on strategies to achieve those goals
  • hold your hand so an expensive lawyer does not need to

have to ruin your life.

Learn the skills, strategies and tools YOU NEED to survive your divorce and outsmart your ex.

What Others Have to Say About Stacey

I have nothing but total gratitude to Stacey for helping me through this very scary and challenging process.

From the first second of emailing with Stacey it was very clear I was dealing with an intelligent, strong, empathetic professional who had a deep understanding of what I was going through. Stacey has a wealth of experience and expertise in this area but in addition has an incredibly generous spirit.

Stacey is compassionate and to the point.

Navigating the system in dealing with a Narcissist ex-husband and trying to keep my children safe is the biggest challenge I have ever had in my life. Stacey answers all my questions, gives excellent advice, and has helped me respond to letters from counsel. She has been able to prepare me for what is coming next and she is always totally correct.

This is most certainly Stacey’s higher calling.

Anonymous, TORONTO

Dr. Stacey Mendelson is a great Divorce Coach. Stacey was by my side every step of the way, including choice of counsel. She guided me through the stressful and expensive legal process. Even though my divorce was not so high conflict, Stacey provided strategies to save me time and money resulting in a successful resolution.


I was introduced to Stacey Mendelson for my divorce case through a friend back in Jan 2017. My divorce was toxic and stressful. It caused me great anxiety and affected my overall health. I was the primary breadwinner and as a healthcare provider my income was traceable. The same was not true with respect to my ex wife’s income that had been an even higher than mine, yet she claimed no income since separation.

The degree of separation between my income and hers was significant enough for my own useless lawyer to pretty much tell me to pack it in and agree to her demands. He, along with the mediator, used scare tactics to convince me not to go to trial.

When I met Stacey and went over the facts of the case, she told me she didn’t have confidence in my attorney and recommended an excellent alternative. It was unfortunately too late for me to change counsel, but the consultation with this smart lawyer was very helpful. Learn from my mistake and consult with Stacey early in the process!

Stacey also did some investigative work and secured proof that my ex was indeed working full-time. This resulted in her getting an imputed salary, which played to my favor financially. It also revealed to the lawyers and mediator her level of deception.

Lastly, when I was stressed and exhausted, Stacey had the ability to calmly put things into perspective to help me navigate through the legal process with a clear mind and level temperament. She will provide supportive and compassionate coaching to allow you to come out of this process with as little damage to your wellbeing possible.


Going through a high conflict divorce has been one of the most stressful and emotionally exhausting times in my entire life. I knew after our first phone call that Stacey was someone who could help me navigate my high conflict divorce. Stacey gets it and I finally felt like I could breathe again. She’s had my back and has supported me through this entire process.

I was stuck with a lawyer that I was unhappy with. Stacey assisted me in vetting new lawyers and was able to use her network of contacts to connect me with a wonderful lawyer who I felt at ease with and had confidence in.

Stacey was able to explain and help me navigate the very complicated legal process and helped me to keep my legal fees low. She was able to take all my information and put everything into easy to understand organized spreadsheets for my lawyer to easily digest the entirely of my situation. She provided me with insightful advice,, and a safe place to share my most painful thoughts and feelings. It was nice to have her by my side throughout this process.

IF you are going through a high conflict divorce, or even just thinking about divorcing, I highly recommend contacting Stacey.


I have so many things I want to say about Stacey and how much she has helped me and continues to help me through my high conflict divorce.

My ex decided to leave our marriage in early 2018 and very soon after, I realized that he had been planning his exit for a while and manipulated our finances to benefit him. His goal was to leave the marriage with all of the money and zero financial responsibility. As an “intact” family unit I thought I could protect my kids from his negative behaviours, but now that the unit was fractured, I needed to protect myself and the girls.

Almost overnight, I needed a plan on how to protect me and my kids (age 4 and 7). I was emotionally and financially vulnerable, but somehow I knew enough to ask a ton of questions and seek help. I made some mistakes early on in litigation, but I did the best I could to navigate the situation. My first experience in court was traumatic and the judge sided with my ex. I was left feeling scared, vulnerable and defeated. In that split second I knew that Ontario Family Law was not about right and wrong but is in fact a game that requires strategy without emotion.

I was having doubts about my case and unsure how to move forward to achieve my desired results. I came across a FB post that Stacey had started Lifeline Coaching and Consulting, and I called her immediately. I explained my situation and she understood the person I was dealing with. The relief I felt was indescribable. She understood how to deal with his personality (narcissistic and borderline), and she could see the gaslighting I was experiencing. Most importantly, she had a strategy on how to deal with this type of person in family court. She set my head on straight. The hard truths were spoken and she clearly set out a plan. Stacey was empathetic and validated the reality of my situation.

I am still fighting because it is the right thing to do. Having been in litigation for 1.5 years now, I have learned a lot but I still need Stacey’s help. She gives me clarity and focus when something new comes up or when my emotions are getting the best of me.

For those of you just starting you journey, please call Stacey now. I wish I had her support and strategy before I started my journey into litigation because I know I would have done some things differently. Hindsight is 20-20 and I won’t dwell on it now. I am grateful to have her now and I know that she has played a pivotal role in the successes I have had throughout this crazy journey.


Life Coach
Weight Coach